What everyone is saying about Jennifer Bruce!

“Jennifer Bruce and the DejaNu were a headline performer at the 2019 Landings Music Festival in Fort Myers Florida and their show was a huge hit. Their arrangements, show quality and presentation was outstanding.  The accolades from our Festival audience about their performance keep pouring in. There is a distinct difference in providing great music and being great entertainers.  This group did both. Everyone in their group is simply delightful to work with.  Professional, collaborative and enjoyable in every possible way….”                             

 Jim Willis – The Landings Music Festival/Pegasus Entertainment LLC 

“I have worked in the music business for over 25 years. Jennifer Bruce and her band are one of the most talented bands I have seen.”

Jeff Gregg – Creative Artist Agency – The Larry Keeton Theatre

“Jennifer Bruce and DejaNu puts an end to the war between Pop and Jazz! They are friends at last! Genre labels melt quickly with a little touch of magic from this wonderfully innovative group.  Jennifer’s sensual and sultry vocals are extraordinaire, and the band and arrangements are equally stellar!  DejaNu loves to explore the creative edge and is not afraid to play freely!  And I must say, I have been an instant fan of Jennifer’s from the very first song I ever heard her sing.  You will be too!  ATTENTION:  Do not try to put this awesomely fun group in a box!  They do not believe in boxes! And neither do I!”

Ron Browning – Producer & Voice coach to Grammy award winning artists

“I really enjoyed watching and listening to Jennifer Bruce and DejaNu. Jennifer Bruce has a great voice! I love the choice of material and arrangements too.”

Jim Eigo  Jazz Promoter, Warwick, NY

“Jennifer Bruce is a marvelous multi-talented vocalist who is also a dreamer and makes her own dreams come true. The latest dream to become a reality is as a member of a new group called DejaNu. They have created a new take on “Pop Songs and Jazz” entitled, “THE NEW AMERICAN SONG BOOK”.  The project has already garnered critical acclaim. I am one of many record producers who have Jennifer’s voice on records, TV shows, and film over the years. Her singing has always exceeded my expectations!”

Mel Shaw – Founding President of The Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences & Canada’s Recording Legacy

“This group sounds great! Jennifer is amazing and I love the interpretation of the classics! Creating  “The New American Songbook” is a great idea!”

Chuck Surack – President, CEO Sweetwater Music

“This is great music – Everyone from my generation should hear this!”

Randy S. – Fan from South Carolina

“Great Performance! I really enjoyed it!”

Merrill W – Fan from Tennessee 

“I highly recommend everyone take a listen to these folks and their new CD. I have listened to it several times since receiving it. It’s quite enjoyable!”

Rick S. – Fan from Florida